Caring for the Sea that Unites Us! | Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows - Kos, Greece
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“Caring for the sea that unites us!”

The Blue Flag International Program has organized this year an environmental activity for the Mediterranean countries, the #BlueFlagMedWeek.

Within the realm of the Clean Seas initiative, this action is organized by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), and will take place from July 3rd to July 10th and with all Mediterranean countries paricitpating: Greece, Algieria, France, Spain, Israel, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Montenegro, Porutgal, Slovenia & Turkey.

This beach cleaning operation taking place across no less than 10 Mediterreanean countries as part of the UN Environment #CleanSeas global campaign to reduce marine litter:  

Given that all the above 10 countries share the same seas, the Mediterranean, the motto of the opeartion is very topical:

“Caring for the sea that unites us”!

Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows with the assistance of its MiniClub members [guests children]  & our #animationteam2017 took part in this initiative.

We are extremely proud of our young friends that took part in this activity, that included a lecture on environmental protection, a beach cleaning operation as well as tree planting, as it gave them the opportunity to take part in an educational activity during their beach holiday.

Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows is committed to protecting the environment as well as caring for the sea that unites us!

Following are snapshots of the activities organized at Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows.

Caring for the Sea that Unites Us!

Caring for the sea that unites us!     Caring for the sea that unites us!

Caring for the sea that unites us!Blue Flag Award 2017

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