Socrates Fanourakis | Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows Kos
The Founder

An exemplary business personality originating from the Dodecanese Islands, the founder of Caravia Beach Hotel, Socrates Fanourakis, was a great humanitarian.

Having completed a brilliant term of business activities in Africa, the visionary dentist decided to commence the construction of a hotel complex known to this day as «Caravia Beach Hotel».

The location of Marmari, untouched at the time, was chosen, and has been one of the most successful 4 star hotels on the island of Kos. Situated in uniquely landscaped green gardens, is known for it’s sophisticated design and outstanding hospitality.

He was also concerned with the development of his hometown, the island of Chalki, and with this in mind, in 2011 he founded, the Captain Fanourakis Foundation, in memory of his late brother, a WW2 hero, with the dual purpose of awarding scholarships to young students of Kos and Chalki, promoting the further education of the islands youth as well as caring for the elderly of both islands.

Proceeds of the hotel fund the charitable organization.

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