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Captain Fanourakis Foundation Donates Medical Equipment to Halki Island
medical equipment donation


The Captain Fanourakis Foundation, the owning body of Caravia Beach Hotel,  recently donated state of the art medical equipment in the form of cardio diagnostic tools to Halki Island, thus,  fulfilling a long-standing demand of the islands doctors. At the same time, it is a pledge to its founder last wish for the medical support of the islands senior citizens.

Chalki Island is isolated especially during the winter months

and the connection with Rhodes or Kos is difficult due to weather conditions.
As of such, the donation of medical equipment allows the citizens of the island to have regular checkups, without having to leave.

At the same time, this equipment is essential for the island during the summer months, when tourists visit the small picturesque Dodecanese Island.

The Foundation as the legal guardian of its founder’s memory continues, especially during these challenging times, to offer solidarity to the young and seniors of the island of Chalki and Kos.

The proceeds from Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows are used to fund the Captain Fanourakis Foundation.

For more information on the work of the Captain Fanourakis Foundation please click here.

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