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Food & Drinks
Honey Side Up
  At Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows honey is a primary ingredient of our traditional Greek Breakfast menu where it can be found in abundance on our breakfast buffets everyday...
Dodecanese Islands
The fascinating story behind the 7th of March Celebration in Kos & the Dodecanese.
The 7th of March is a day of national pride and hope for the citizens of the Dodecanese Islands as it signifies their union with the modern Greek State. Read...
all inclusive holiday
Tips & Advice
The key to Stress Free Vacations: an All Inclusive Holiday
What are perfect holidays made of: Beach, wine and all things fine! Unwind without a care in the world and more importantly not having to reach for your purse every...
White Christmas
Food & Drinks, Traditions
White Christmas Cookies – The Greek Way
Kourabiedes – Traditional Greek Christmas sweets. An Incredibly Easy Gluten Free recipe That Works For All
Spring break
Tips & Advice, Uncategorized
Still thinking about where to go for your Spring break? This Will Help You Decide!
We might have long to go before Spring comes our way again, but it is never too early to plan your next break. Have you ever thought trying an alternative...
Summer holiday
Tips & Advice
5 reasons you should book your next summer holiday before Xmas
  Have you ever found yourself heading out to make your summer holiday bookings during or after Christmas only to find that your first choices are all sold out and...
Greek Superfoods
Food & Drinks
The Ultimate Guide to Greek Super foods
Are super foods a trend or is it that genuinely healthy ingredients are slowly taken their place back onto our plates? After decades of processed foods, with the corresponding health...
Captain Fanourakis Foundation, Social Responsibility
Presentation of Captain Fanourakis Foundation Scholars’ Works at Caravia Beach
“Supporting  society and making a difference are the cornerstones of the work of the Captain Fanourakis Foundation,” according to George Hadjimarkos, Regional Governor of the Aegean.   “The very important...
A baby, the beach & a holiday… Top tips to survive a beach holiday with a new born
Ok so you have just welcomed your latest addition in your family and you are ready to start making memories. So you have booked your first beach vacation, where days...
Blue Flag Award 2017
Caravia Beach Blue Flag Award 2017
What is a Blue Flag? The Blue Flag is a prestigious award that is granted to beaches from around the world operated by the Foundation for Environmental Education. “A world-renowned...
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